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Step beyond your path to advance your career.

Let's Go

This is where learners thrive and make the most of their talent and passion.

If you are looking to pursue a career you love, look no further. Our organization, with knowledgeable staff and welcoming environment, prepares committed learners with career-focused, hands-on training needed to go on to pursue career opportunities in the health care field. Convenient location, flexible schedule, and knowledgeable team, allow us to help you embark on a new career.


Our facility offers instructions with competitive, and flexible tuition payment plans.  

  • Face to face (traditional classroom) for all training programs

  • 50% online and 50% classroom/clinical (for some programs)



Beyond Career Training, LLC was founded by Vida Fielder to operate a private career education in Arkansas.  The founder, throughout the years, observe the need for individuals, especially those with  a desire to acquire skills, however, are unable to participate in the traditional educational system.

This need awakened her passion to come up with a solution to meet that need through non-traditional vocational education. Beyond offered our first class in February of 2016 .  Our curriculum for the certified nursing assistants is regulated and approved by the Arkansas Department of Human Services' Office of Long Term Care.  

Beyond Career Training, LLC. operates in Arkansas and is licensed by the Arkansas Division of Higher Education for Private Career Education.


“My admission in the Beyond Career Training was life changing decision for me and my children, did not only gain a career, I also gain a mentor in the founder."   
-C. Sheared

“I have always wanted to take a CNA class, but I have to work also, so I am glad that Beyond Career Training have evening classes.  Completing this class is going to impact me and my children’s life because I will be able to work in health care, which is a much stable  field."                                                                                         -Q. Otey

“Completing this class, I will be fulfilling my dream in becoming a CNA.  This is a stepping stone and I plan to go further.  My instructors, Ms. Maxie and Ms. Craig – they rock.  It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. Thank you Ms. Fielder for the tuition assistance."                            
                                                                                                    -T. Perry

“I took the CNA class with Beyond Career Training during my break from college with a major in exercise science.  I believe this course helps me connect with people.  The course was straight forward and the instructors were awesome.  I passed my certification            
                                                                                                   -J. Haynes

“Working at doctors' offices most of my life in many capacities, I decided to take the CNA class to get certified –  allowing me to work in other areas in the health care field – such as taking care of the elderly, which is my passion. I am really proud of our instructors for making sure we understand the material. I love that the classes were in the evening."
                                                                                     -P. Watts

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