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Our variety of courses offer are career-focused, hands-on training needed for learners to go on to pursue career opportunities in the health care field. We have courses that suits your preference. Scroll down to learn more about each.


Certified Nursing Assistant

Our Certified Nursing Assistants' (CNA) training course offers 98-hour (classroom, lab and clinical) course built on OLTC curriculum guidelines. Instruction includes infection prevention and control, residents’ rights, transferring and positioning techniques, obtaining vital signs and more.  Graduates will have to take the State Exams (Knowledge and Skills) to become State certified.
Evening classes meet:  M - Thurs for 5 weeks 4:30-8:30p.m.
Hybrid options:  Contact us 870.816.6738 

Pharmacy Technician

Our 60-hour course, introduce learners to basic pharmacy practices, including laws and regulations. Pharmacy Technicians are a critical support to Pharmacists. This is design to train learners to become pharmacy technician, complete the Arkansas Application for Pharmacy Technicians licensure and take the Certified Pharmacy Technician Exam (CPhT),
Evening classes meet:  M - Th for 4 weeks 4:30-8:pm.
Note:  You will need a GED/HS for this course.


Electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician

This 48-hour course prepares the learners to perform routine electrocardiograms. These readings assist the physician to diagnose irregularities or changes in a patient’s heart. Our course also teaches learners to administer the EKG, and operate the electrocardiograph machine. They will also be prepared to take the CET exams after graduation.
Evening classes:  M-Th for 3 weeks 4: to 7p.m

Note:  You will need a GED/HS for this course.

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Arkansas Department of Higher Education – Private Career Education 

CNA program approved by the Office of Long Term Care

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